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Assuming health care reform is passed, what do you see happening to your health care costs?


While most Americans agree that health care reform is necessary, there seems to be little agreement about what form that reform will take.

One key outcome of reform is going to be its cost. Will the changes being considered by Congress and President Barack Obama increase the cost of health care, decrease it or leave it at about the same level?


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I lived in Ontario Canada which has a generalized system of health care coverage and it worked very well for me and just about anyone I know. People who come to the US for procedures want "boutique" medicine. We can't let medical coverage be a function of employment alone. This copy of the Providence Business News says unemployment in RI is more than 12%. We can't leave those people out in the cold - and charge them even more for heath care because they don' t have a plan that limits the amount that can be charged for an operation. It's ridiculous that those who are not affiliated with a health insurance program pay three times as much for the same prescription medication and hospital services. I am self-employed and my premiums alone are astronomical. I can' t imagine that my premiums would go up even more with the Obama plan. I think the risk will be spread among more subscribers and rates for medicine and surgical procedures will become more standardized. Let doctors who truly want to help sick patients become doctors. We have too many people who want to become doctors for the money they will earn and not because they feel a calling for helping people. C. Claire Law, M.S. Educational Consultant, E. Greenwich, RI www.eduave.com

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