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Detecting issues early on

By Robin Respaut
Contributing Writer
It is easy to strain a back or pinch a nerve by moving heavy boxes. Imagine doing it for a living.

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Detecting issues early on


It is easy to strain a back or pinch a nerve by moving heavy boxes. Imagine doing it for a living.

Each year, when the moving-company Arpin Group holds its wellness clinic, there is almost always one person flagged with a serious health problem. In 2011, screeners found one woman’s blood pressure to be dangerously high. The clinic has also identified workers with potentially diabetic blood-sugar levels.

That is not to say that Arpin Group employees are unhealthy. In fact, they have been getting healthier every year since the century-old, family-owned and -operated company began implementing the wellness clinic, which assesses biometrics like blood pressure and glucose levels.

“If we don’t catch anything, that’s even better,” said Renee Abrantes, human resources generalist. “But even one or two people, it could save someone a big hospital bill or something even more catastrophic.”

This year, the Arpin Group began incentivizing employees to get a health assessment, biometric screening and annual physical by offering a $750 contribution to a single health premium or $1,200 toward a family premium.

In 2013, the company plans to give up to 20 percent off the premium if the worker completes the process.

“We go back a long ways into pushing employees to be healthy. In the 1970s, we used to pay people bonuses for quitting smoking,” said Peter Arpin, executive vice president. “It’s our core belief that you can do a better job if you take care of your body.” •


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