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Did Brown miss a major opportunity when it sold the Old Stone Bank?


When Brown University bought the Old Stone Bank building in 1995 for $1.15 million, the school said that it planned to use the neoclassical building as the home for the Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology, which was housed in Bristol up until the end of last summer (READ MORE).

But with the sale of the building – located close to downtown Providence and near the RISD Museum – to NABsys Inc. President and CEO Barrett Bready, that plan seems to have been discarded.

The university has not revealed what its plans are for the more than 100,000 artifacts that the Haffenreffer collection houses, but without an apparent home, the question remains, did Brown miss the boat on creating a showcase home for the museum?


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Harry Bilodeau

I think the Brown Administrators were wise to sell the building. Earlier this month, It's utility as an anthropology museum had been nulified by the recent vote of Brown's faculty and students to discredit and disregard the courage and tenacity of Christopher Columbus. This decision was based upon the fact that Columbus did not treat natives he encountered with the same respect that a Brown student would approve today. No serious person can doubt that the same electorate would eventually vote to demand that Brown return all it's anthroupological artifacts to the titular heads of Connecticut's gambling casinos. So Brown speedily unloaded this building at a significant profit rather than suffer the slings and arrows of it's current clients, who would have forced the university to deaccession the building's contents.

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