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Do you conduct brainstorming meetings with your rank-and-file staff?


In these difficult times, companies need as many good ideas as they can get, and one way to help generate them is to have a fully engaged staff.

There are multiple ways to create robust communication with your rank and file. Do you find regular team meetings to be fruitful exercises?


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To survive in any business economic climate an organization must promote a healthy exchange of ideas without reprecussion. Some of the best solutions come from those not directly saddled with the challenge which is why it's important to broaden the brainstorming process to include as many minds as possible. Another key to fresh thinking success is to hire a professional facilitator who is not predisposed to the resource limitations and politics that can create barriers for the group. There is a method to the madness called creativity and businesses can profit from appreciating, understanding and mastering the process.

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