Updated March 25 at 6:25am

Is it a problem that more guns are being sold in Rhode Island this year than any other in the last decade?


Whether it is the election of President Barack Obama or the worsening economy that is causing it, there is no question that gun sales are spiking in Rhode Island.

Some believe that the president’s record and campaign promises on gun control portend changes in current law, thus causing people to buy guns before it becomes illegal to do so in some cases.

Others believe that worries over crime increasing as the recession deepens are leading people to seek protection they believe firearms provide.

No matter the cause, where do you stand on the question of whether it is a good thing that more guns are being sold this year than in a long time?


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Owning a firearm is a recognized constitutional right. Note it is not a government given right. Those purchasing firearms are the LAW ABIDING CITIZENS. All the laws in the universe will not dissuade criminals from attaining illegally the weapons they use against us. I for one will feel safer knowing that there are other reasonable people taking responsibility for their own protection. Big government types would like nothing more than to have us all totally dependent.

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