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Looking at your reflection in a different way

How do you define the word “reflection?”

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Looking at your reflection in a different way


How do you define the word “reflection?”

At the moment I’m sitting outside on a sunny day overlooking the Pacific Ocean on the Oregon Coast. The venue is called Lighthouse Beach because the Cape Arago Lighthouse is the prime visual attraction. Or is it?

Actually, the ocean waves are pounding against the beach and the rocks creating majestic waterspray vistas that are indescribable. You gotta be here. You gotta see it.

I spent my first 10 minutes in awe of the sight.

After that, I began to gather thoughts. Thoughts of other beautiful places I’ve been. Thoughts of undone things I gotta do. Goals and dreams. And of course just reveling in the moment.

As a writer this would be termed a “fantasy venue.” As a thinker there could be no better place to conjure up all sorts and new thoughts.

In the big picture of things, I am one grain of sand in the beach of life. Yet I’m here today basking in its glory. I’m grateful.

The ocean’s relentless waves roll in whether I am here are not. Today is a rather calm day, but I’ve seen the ocean so violent here that it defies description. Wind, rain, waves crashing against rocks – almost like the ocean is a cauldron with a one million degree fire.

“So what?” you’re probably saying. “You’re on the beach watching the waves, and I’m here in my office working my ass off, or making cold calls, or out here sweating on a sales appointment, or following up with some guy that won’t return my call, or (worse) being beaten by price.”

Those are your issues, but in the heat of your mess, we do have something in common. It’s time for reflection. Not the one you see in the mirror in the morning. I’m talking about a way bigger reflection than that. It’s a reflection about time, accomplishment, achievement, and fulfillment. Life reflection.

When I was cold calling in New York City, often making sales, but more often getting my head handed to me, waves crashing on the beach never entered my mind. The ocean never entered my mind. I was caught in the spiral of the process, failing to reflect on it and see what else could’ve been done, or how much smarter I could have (should have) been. How many more chances should I have taken?

What do you reflect on right now? And how are those reflections impacting your actions? Your achievements? Your success? Reflections are not just about sales, they’re an important part of life. Your life.

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