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Problem solving

The Providence Business News Executive Poll is a weekly survey of 70 business leaders throughout the state, representing small and large companies in a variety of industries.

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PBN Executive Poll

Problem solving


What’s your immediate reaction to an unforeseen problem?

• Determine its cause – 61.5%

• Contain whatever damage there is – 26.9%

• Talk it out with co-workers 7 – 7.7%

• Google it – 3.8%

In your opinion, which of these options is a good first step to solving a problem?

• Stop whatever was causing the problem – 61.5%

• Put together a team to find potential solutions – 34.6%

• Determine who is responsible – 3.8%

Do you ever disengage from a problem before resolving it, i.e. take a walk, sleep on it, etc.?

• Yes – 80.8%

• No – 19.2%

Do you think reoccurring problems are a sign of:

• A problem with the system/procedure – 50%

• Bad management – 23.1%

• Wrong people in the job – 15.4%

• Poor communication – 11.5%

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