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Small challenges can lead to big ideas

There is a saying in sales: “Find the pain.”

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Small challenges can lead to big ideas


There is a saying in sales: “Find the pain.”

Translated, that means the successful salesperson locates the problems (the pain) that a person or company has and then helps the afflicted entity solve it, hopefully with one of the services or products he is offering.

Successful entrepreneurs take much the same approach – find a problem and solve it. And at least from the venture-capital perspective, the bigger the problem, the better the solution. But sometimes, large-scale solutions can start from very small problems.

Based on his experience of trying to hold and feed a hungry baby while warming frozen expressed milk, the founder of Warwick-based kiinde LLC has built a company that supports the breastfeeding of infants by working mothers and their spouses. Sales now reach across the United States, into Canada and South Korea, including at Babies“R”Us, which lauded the kiinde line for getting the frozen milk to the correct temperature without destroying any of its nutritional content.

No one knows if kiinde products will catch on like, say Alex and Ani products have. But it’s clear that they have offered a pain-free way to surmount this one challenge. •


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