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This energy drink swings for fences

By Rhonda Miller
PBN Staff Writer

A growing Rhode Island energy beverage company started with one of those offhand, but perceptive, comments that rang true enough to launch a company.

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This energy drink swings for fences


A growing Rhode Island energy beverage company started with one of those offhand, but perceptive, comments that rang true enough to launch a company.

“I was talking on the phone with a friend of mine. We were playing golf the next day and had an early tee time,” said Lincoln resident and Swing Juice founder Jon Mason. “My friend said, ‘That’s no big deal. We’ll just drink our swing juice and we’ll be ready to go.’ ”

A graduate of Providence College with a major in marketing, Mason started creating Swing Juice Hybrid Energy Drink after more than a year of research.

“I didn’t have a food and beverage background, so I started working with a flavoring company,” said Mason. The company’s expertise covered the FDA regulations and other details so Mason could concentrate on developing his product.

“I created the formula, and they produced it,” said Mason.

Growing up playing sports, then baseball at Providence College, and continuing to play golf and tennis, Mason wanted his drink to be what he considered healthier than some on the market, some of which had drawn public concern about high amounts of caffeine.

“I try to make healthy choices in my life and I wanted to put some choices out there to reflect that,” he said.

“At the time, there were a lot of beverages out there. It was becoming one of the hot sectors. Ours was designed to be a healthier version for people with an active lifestyle,” said Mason. “The ingredients are designed to give you a boost without taking you too far over the edge. The ingredients are in moderation and are to give a boost to concentration and focus.”

While the specific recipe is proprietary, the Swing Juice website lists the ingredients as: ginko biloba, to help sharpen focus and maintain concentration; ginseng to reduce the effects of stress, improve performance and maintain concentration; taurine to restore fatigued muscles; caffeine at 25 mg. per serving (by comparison, a cup of coffee can contain can contain from 95 to 200 mg of caffeine, according to the Mayo Clinic), which raises focus and alertness; Vitamin D to promote healthy bones; niacin to ease depression and anxiety; vitamin B12 to alleviate nerve pain, numbness and tingling; and Vitamin B6 to reduce muscle spasms, leg cramps, hand numbness and some neuritis conditions.

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This is great news of a Rhode Island started company, I'm an intern at a community -based coworking facility in Southern Rhode Island at the North Kingstown Lafayette Mills complex called The Hive RI where start-ups can host events and become part of a community that loves different perspectives. http://thehiveri.com

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