Updated March 25 at 6:26pm

VSquare/R releases Cycle Saver white paper


NORTH KINGSTOWN – The cofounders of Vsquare/R, an electrical-energy savings company, have released a white paper highlighting the company’s patented Cycle Saver technology.

The paper describes how most electronic equipment is designed to operate in a voltage range of 95 to 135 volts, according to a release. “There is an inherent waste of power in operating equipment at a voltage higher than its design voltage.”

The company’s paper states that equipment that can operate over a range of voltages is more expensive to manufacture and that equipment operating at a voltage of 10 percent higher than necessary can waste 20 percent of power consumed, while larger variances can waste upwards of 40 percent of power.

“The paper describes in detail how the patented technology functions in reducing power consumption to most devices and equipment by regulating the RMS voltage delivered,” said the release, adding that the regulation is based on “Cycle Saver” technology, which periodically eliminates a half cycle of the line voltage.


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