You cannot ignore the present – it’s where your sales are!

My sales perspective flies in the face of traditional selling. And it’s not just a disruption, it’s the new way of sales. What’s your perspective? More

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You cannot ignore the present – it’s where your sales are!

Posted 6/30/14

My sales perspective flies in the face of traditional selling. And it’s not just a disruption, it’s the new way of sales. What’s your perspective?

Here are seven realities to get your thinking started:

First reality: Traditional selling is aggressive – telling, pitching, manipulating and closing. This old-world approach to sales is over and has been for more than a decade.

Second reality: The first sale that’s made is the salesperson. If the prospective customer does not buy you, they’re not buying anything.

Third reality: The customer is as smart or smarter than you are. The Internet has provided them with competitive savvy and social media provides proof.

Fourth reality: Your customers and prospects are busy with their stuff and may have little or no time to be bothered by you and your stuff. It’s so much more powerful when they find you in time of need.

Fifth reality: Customers and prospects want intellectual engagement about how they win, not a sales pitch! They do not care about your urgency to make quota. They only care about their urgency to make profit.

Sixth reality: The prospective customer must perceive value in your sales offering, trust you as a person and as a company, perceive that they win as a result of purchase, and be able to visualize outcome after purchase (maybe with the help of your video testimonials).

Seventh reality: You better have a social presence and a social reputation that proves your worth to others, and provides peace of mind to the prospect.

Look at this list – carefully – and see if what you do, the actions you take, or any of the strategies about how you sell are contained here. If they are, you will consistently lose to the “new way.”

• Cold calling. If selling has a dark side, it’s the cold call. Total interruption of others (the prospect), and predominantly a waste of salespeople’s time. Higher than 90 percent rejection rate and the major cause of sales failure.

• Hunting and farming salespeople. This is basically a sales specialist making a sale and then running away. Leaving behind the service department, or inside sales, or the delivery guy, and the customer to feel deserted. Hunting and farming is the worst case for relationship building ever created.

• Find the pain. Perhaps the rudest of all sales processes, it’s “probing” to make prospects feel uncomfortable. This is an old-world tactic, where the salesperson miraculously proposes a solution to an issue that the prospect has. The solution is not the issue. The issue is that finding the pain is the focal point of the sale. No value, no engagement, no connection – simply manipulation. The only thing more idiotic (and more rude) than “finding the pain” is cold calling.

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