$30K crowdfunding campaign allows co-working facility to expand

SOCIAL ENTERPRISE GREENHOUSE has successfully raised $30,000 through a crowdfunding campaign to expand its existing business center in Providence. / COURTESY SOCIAL ENTERPRISE GREENHOUSE

PROVIDENCE – Social Enterprise Greenhouse, of Providence, has finished a 30-day crowdfunding campaign and raised its goal of $30,000 to expand its existing business center, opened in 2015 in Davol Square.

The SEG Hub co-working facility was expanded to the second floor in 2016. Funds raised through the crowdfunding campaign, which was called Every Entrepreneur Needs a Desk, will allow the business center to expand further, into first-floor space previously occupied by TRI-Lab.

The existing co-working facility is at capacity with 100 members who rent space within the Hub to conduct their individual enterprises. The $30,000 was raised with help from more than 200 contributors, according to a press release from Social Enterprise Greenhouse.

SEG is a nonprofit that helps individual entrepreneurs develop social enterprises, which it defines as organizations that are doing good in the community while also achieving an earned revenue stream, said spokesperson Crystal Rosatti.

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Examples of enterprises that rent space in the SEG Hub are Creating Outreach About Addiction Support Together, which helps people converse about addiction problems through the lens of dramatic arts, and Urban Greens Food Co-op.

SEG plans to build out offices around the perimeter of the co-working facility and continue to use the main space to run its Incubator, Accelerator and other core programs. SEG used Chuffed.org, a social enterprise crowdfunding platform, to raise the $30,000. This effort is part of a broader capital campaign.

“Building the SEG Hub has been a broad-based community effort,” said Social Enterprise Greenhouse CEO Kelly Ramirez. “Our hope is that we can gain broad community involvement for this effort.”

Mary Lhowe is a PBN contributing writer.