Five Questions With: Arnell Milhouse

"I assumed for a long time that at some point, someone from the high-tech sector would roll up their sleeves and work directly with the under-served students in our public school system. That day never came, and it became more and more obvious that if I didn't create an organization like IntraCity Geeks, it probably never would happen."
Arnell Milhouse, founder and executive director of IntraCity Geeks in Providence, talked about how the organization formed as a nonprofit last fall, and some of its latest projects, including ClassFWD coding classes, currently under way at Nathan Bishop Middle School in Providence. Currently, there are nine team members, with more expected to join. He said…
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  1. I’ve known Arnel for years and he’s always been a dreamer but a dreamer with a plan whose willing to work harder than anyone else with a plan. He’s an innovative and strategic business man whose passionate about helping others while pursuing success. I’m not surprised that he’s giving back to the inner city like this while doing what he loves ( technology). I’m very proud of him and this initiative which I know will catch on throughout the entire New England.