Study: R.I. taxes take most from poorest

PROVIDENCE – Rhode Island’s poorest residents pay more than double the amount of taxes that the state’s wealthiest residents do as a share of income,…

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  1. The study’s funding comes from an entity “partly backed by organize labor.” Did they help you come up with the title to your story too … “Study: R.I. taxes take most from poorest – Poor pay 11.9% of income; offsets cut richest’s share to 5.6%.”

    How about using “Study: R.I. taxes take most from richest – Rich pay 33.2 times ($67,200 versus $2,023) what poor pay.”

    Did the study also mention that it was the Rich that provided employment for the poor? And that as we stray more toward socialism, the Rich lose incentive to employ the poor? And the Rich leave the state?

  2. Well, this story will surely unleash the usual torrent of class warefare rhetoric. The truth though is that a more heterogenious distribution of wealth is how our economy works best. In tough economic times poor people will spend whatever money they may get, if we reduce taxes on the rich they invest in gold.