A culture of purpose is a foundation for success

Dennis McLaughlin | Rite-Solutions Inc. president and CEO

Successful organizations that I have worked with have one thing in common: A culture of purpose. This was true when I was a naval officer more than 30 years ago and is true today as CEO and president of Rite-Solutions.

Culture is an essential part of an organization’s DNA. It’s the foundation of the organization’s values and beliefs. It’s an organization’s identity.

A culture of purpose goes one step further. An overarching purpose activates an organization’s culture. It gets us out of bed in the morning. It defines how we treat customers and colleagues. It drives us. A culture of purpose is the how behind what an organization does.

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In the Navy, we knew we were a part of something that was bigger than ourselves. It was a connection we shared with one another. A culture of purpose based on a higher goal fostered a high level of engagement from everyone, every day.

My division at the Naval Surface Warfare Center had a similar culture of purpose. We were in it for the warfighter. This drove thousands of engineers and scientists to develop numerous pioneering technologies for the Navy.

Rite-Solutions has a similar, bigger-than-ourselves spirit. Established as an employee-centric business, the company was designed to give employees the opportunity to share in our collective success. Our purpose? One another.

An environment of mutual respect, collaboration and trust has produced a creative, innovative, empowered, agile organization that is capable of solving the most technical challenges for customers.