Alin Bennett joining the leadership team of the Learning Community Charter School in Central Falls

Alin Bennett

The Learning Community in Central Falls, RI, a public school known for consistently closing achievement gaps for low-income students and students of color, and working closely with traditional public schools to improve outcomes for all children, is thrilled to announce that Alin Bennett will be joining the leadership team in the Summer of 2019.
Bennett has served as a high school principal at the Metropolitan Career and Technical Center and a much-sought after national and local educational consultant. He leads national trainings for principals, district leaders and policymakers on educational practices that grow strong learner-centered classroom(s) and schoolwide culture. Bennett is an expert in growing restorative communities, including the Restorative Practices approach. He has been a lead presenter for the Big Picture Learning the Rhode Island Coalition for Educators of Color, Education Reimagined, and is the founder of the business Creating Restorative Communities.

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