September 9, 2010 [PROVIDENCE] Anthony Gemma, candidate for the Democratic nomination for Congress from Rhode Island’s First District, today released the second campaign ad in the “Are You Kidding Me?” series that succinctly offers factual, in-context evaluations of David Cicilline’s seven-year tenure as mayor of Providence.

Titled “Baggage,” the ad documents, in context and absent ad hominem attacks, more of the professional incompetence and personal character flaws that comprise the “record” on which David Cicilline says he is basing his campaign for Congress.

“We draw attention to what have been termed Cicilline’s ‘illegal’ acceptance of pay raises totaling approximately $20,000,” said Gemma “Cicilline is trying to pass off over four years of overpayments as ‘mistakes,’ and is actively attempting to scapegoat a low-level municipal employee. Each day seems to bring a new Cicilline horror story.”

Gemma once again noted that, “Presenting the facts is not a ‘negative act.’ It’s simply the act of telling the truth. And when David Cicilline does not tell us the truth, then that act becomes very ‘positive’ indeed.

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The “Are You Kidding Me?” ad campaign takes its name from the tag line question asked by the narrator who has just presented key elements of the record on which Cicilline is running.