Aquidneck Custom Composites Atlantic 72 catamaran

THE STORY: William Koffler has been sailing since he was a boy, so after attending a boat-building school and working for a custom boat builder, it was not a surprise when he founded Aquidneck Custom Composites in 2001. Catamaran production began in 2006.

› It takes 60,000 man-hours and two years to produce one Atlantic 72 at the company’s Bristol facility; only one is made per year

› The boat was designed by Chris White Designs in Dartmouth

› Eleven full-time boat builders work at Aquidneck Custom, with a full staff of 15

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› The 72-foot twin-hulled catamaran is designed for ocean voyages and includes five double cabins for passengers, plus dedicated crew quarters

› Each custom-built Atlantic 72 costs in the neighborhood of $6 million, ready to voyage

› In addition to its core business of building custom yachts for a select clientele, ACC manufactures composite parts and accessories for race boats and yachts

› The Atlantic 72 is made of composites, carbon-fiber fabrics, foam and honeycomb cores/epoxy

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