Beacon Design by ChemArt | 2018 Harry S. Truman Christmas Ornament

THE STORY: Beacon Design is the decorative and retail division of ChemArt, based out of Lincoln. ChemArt was founded in 1976. Beacon Design makes the annual White House Historical Association Christmas ornament, something it has been doing since 1981. The nonprofit WHHA was founded by Jackie Kennedy to educate the public about the White House and support its restoration.

› The ornament retails for about $20

› It is made at company’s Lincoln manufacturing facility

› About 750,000 ornaments are made per year

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› Presidents are remembered concurrently; this year is President Harry S. Truman, while next year will be President Dwight D. Eisenhower

› The company has a core staff of 85, and about 130-140 employees work to make the Christmas ornaments

› It takes 17 steps to make it, and about 80-90 people; they produce thousands per day

› No individual process is unique, said ChemArt President Dave Marquis. “It’s the combination of processes that make it unique.”

Jaime Lowe is a PBN contributing writer.