BETA Group, Inc., an Engineering, Planning and Landscape Architecture firm headquartered in Lincoln, Rhode Island, is proud to announce the completion of a recent project at Fenway Park, which was initiated by the Red Sox organization. Early in the summer, the Red Sox made the decision to increase perimeter security around the ballpark, which included the installation of security bollards placed in front of Gates B and C.

Bollards – short, thick posts typically used to divert traffic – can be decorative in nature, and the concrete-encased steel barriers also serve a role in preventing injury and protecting the tens of thousands of attendees at games and concerts held at the venue by preventing cars from passing through the gated areas.

BETA was hired to consult and permit perimeter methods that provide security as well as aesthetic appeal. The bollards must be styled in a way that fit in with the well-known Fenway area streetscape and surrounding region, taking into account public traffic patterns, local vendors and of course the ultimate goal of providing a secure perimeter. The model R-7539 bollard, created by Reliance Foundry, was selected for its classic, architectural style. It is composed of ductile iron and is finished with a highly durable powder-coating – which was painted “Fenway Green” to work with the surrounding landscape and architectural components. The model R-7539 stands 3 feet and features a hollow shaft that allows it to be fit over security posts. When set over anti-ram pipes, it becomes a device that matches site security with historic aesthetic value.

A layout plan for the bollards was created in coordination with Charlie Cellucci, Fenway’s Director of Security and Emergency Services. The plan included illustrations and renderings of the proposed landscape and layout, which were presented to the City of Boston’s Public Improvement Commission at City Hall for approval. As part of the approval process, BETA assisted with the extensive permitting process which was overseen by Boston Public Works, local utility companies and community representatives. The final plan was presented at a public hearing, where it was accepted and the contract was awarded. Installation was scheduled during an away-game break at the Park in mid-August, so as not to disturb the regularly scheduled event activities. The installation was completed by Lanzillo& Sons Construction under the direction of Thomas Barriers Inc.

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BETA is proud to work with the Red Sox organization to update and enhance the security and appearance of historic Fenway Park, “America’s Most Beloved Ballpark.”