Patricia Morgan has made a political career of standing up to power. A vocal critic of the truck tolls enacted this year in Rhode Island under the RhodeWorks program, the House minority leader and longtime Republican West Warwick lawmaker previously ruffled feathers among Democratic leadership by targeting the effectiveness of the Rhode Island Convention Center

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  1. After reading this article thoroughly, I have to conclude that Patricia Morgan is clueless on the role of government. After Carcieri and Chaffee,she would be true disaster as governor. i found her responses to most of the questions, vacuous and lacking in vision. She conceives government in sound bites and cliches. She goes on ad nauseous about free market, but other than the sound bite, she show little substance about what that really means. She totally ignores the quality of life aspect to the best governance. For example, in her rejection of free tuition she shows she doesn’t understand that program is simply support for higher education. You can support higher ed in the form of free tuition or you can increase the public support in dollars which allows the colleges not to increase tuition. These are the different forms of the same type action and Morgan has absolutely no grasp of that. Her comments on housing also lacked depth. She comes across simply as a budgetary watchdog and what Rhode Island needs is not a clerk as governor but a visionary, bold leader who shows more broader thinking than placing a wet finger in the wind to test public opinion..