Carousel Industries helps Maryland elderly health services provider upgrade technology to improve patient care

EXETER – Carousel Industries is partnering with a Maryland elderly health care system to create a connected environment to improve patient care and quality of life issues.

Carousel, a technology solutions management and integration firm, announced the partnership with Lorien Health Systems in a news release issued on Wednesday. Lorien, based in Ellicott City, operates 14 aged-care facilities, both skilled nursing and assisted living, in Maryland.

Lorien faced problems with slow, or limited, access to digital health records, as well as spotty wireless and landline phone service, and had difficulty synching equipment, making it a challenge for the system to comply with government mandates including the push to use electronic health records.

Enter Carousel, which helped Lorien upgrade its wireless network and IT systems and introduce new customer care initiatives, such as TeleHealth and virtual patient monitoring. Devices also were placed inside homes to improve communication between patients, Lorien care coaches and family members with a push of a button.

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Video communication that can be activated anywhere from any internet-connected device also was installed, along with equipment that tracks patient vitals, provides medication reminders and establishes shared calendars with alerts, helping to create an individualized plan for aging at home. Within its facilities, Lorien deployed motion sensors to track critical patient information and alert staff members when something may be amiss.

“As a growing regional health care system, our number one priority is delivering unparalleled patient and resident care every single day,” Lorien CEO Lou Grimmel said in a statement. “We can’t be in our business and achieve our goals without having the highway to get us there. We are fortunate to partner with Carousel, because that’s what they do for us.”

Carousel analyzed Lorien’s IT infrastructure to implement that “highway,” resulting in the upgrade and installation of various technologies, including: wireless networking, a new back-up data center, carrier services, security devices with managed firewalls, and improved maintenance and support.

“Carousel is proud to be making a measurable difference in the lives of the Lorien Health Systems community,” James Marsh, chief revenue officer, Carousel Industries, said in the release. “It is particularly gratifying to see first-hand how new and improved wireless systems, patient monitoring capabilities and improved EHR access can have a profound impact on the Lorien staff and the thousands of patients and residents they are responsible for throughout their growing network.”

No new hires were made as a result of the contract, which Carousel described as multi-year, with some elements continuing until 2022.