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Sometimes it pays to meet with salespeople

While many salespeople enjoy significant rewards for their efforts, their work is becoming increasingly difficult. Even those in so-called “executive sales” find getting through...

A good succession plan requires work, insight

It is often said that one of the most important considerations in any investment is the exit strategy. An exit strategy is important for...

Making the most of non-family talent

One of the biggest challenges facing family-run businesses today is high turnover of non-family employees, especially in executive positions. Often I hear from frustrated...

Family financing can help or hinder

Dad paid the first month’s rent for his office. His first company car was a station wagon, and he plugged away at growing the...

It’s time for all small businesses to get online

Small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) are reaping the rewards of the Internet more than ever. In a recent survey, SMB owners overwhelmingly said their...

Family is family, but legal structure is key

An agreement locked with a handshake is an honorable way to seal a deal, especially when you are family. But when it involves business,...

Few are the masters of what they do; are you?

By luck of the draw, my seatmate on a flight back to Charlotte was Zach Johnson. You may have only recently heard of him....

Costs can mount fast for system downtime

Business leaders today are extremely cost-conscious and strive to pare every ounce of fat from their budgets. But are they really looking at the...

Arrogance can lead to trouble

In September 2002, Tim Montgomery was declared the world’s fastest man as he broke the record for the 100 meters in Paris. Then he...

Know your estimated tax rules

While April 15 is the only tax deadline that most Americans know, small businesses – including sole proprietors, partners, independent contractors, LLCs and S...
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