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A satisfied customer is a vulnerable one

One of the main reasons “customer satisfaction” is a meaningless statistic is that it’s not predictable, let alone measurable, as it relates to business...

One body not short of soul

Anita Roddick opened her first Body Shop cosmetic store in the United Kingdom in 1976. In short order, she received a letter from a...

Web tools to manage projects

Dear Dan: I’m called “Project Queen” around our fast-growing small company because I’m the one who keeps all of our projects on track. But...

‘No’ can be the first step to making your sale

No. The word every sales or business development person dreads hearing? Wrong! No. The deal-stopper? Not exactly! No. Now you need to convince the customer...

Workers’ comp trends a mix of good and bad

Declining workers’ compensation injury claims and the impact of legislative reforms bode well for employees, employers and insurers as rates have gone down in...

Do you know how to engage your customers?

I’m in Las Vegas at the mall. Not just anywhere. The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. If you’re a storeowner, it’s the most expensive...

Give your company a boost

Dear Dan: I’ve attended seminars and workshops, written mission statements, created goals, set strategies and done all that. Trouble is, everybody else does...

Want the best? Give your best

A cover story in Fortune Magazine way back in 1990 said that customers really only want three things: service, service, service. I don’t think things...

What grades do you get in your business?

Remember when you were in school and you got your report card?And you were so nervous that you didn’t open it, because you...

A salesperson’s work is ever-more complex

Warning! This column isn’t about blaming salespeople for failing to meet their numbers.What it is about is understanding the shifting landscape in the...
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