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Nine signs of an overly political organization

At a time when government seems to be overrun by “political” roadblocks, remember the same issues that cause problems there – selfishness, greed, petty...

Fresh ideas don’t come from ‘outside the box’

Have you ever heard the expression, “Think outside the box”? Of course you have. It is old before you start. There’s nothing innovative about...

Reverse mortgages help<br> many older homeowners

For many of today’s retirees, a home can seem like Fort Knox without a key. Escalating real estate prices have caused many seniors’ homes...

What could you be known for?

In the United States, many people – so it seems – want to be famous. People love to read about the comings and goings...

Veterans’ rights as employees are well protected

With the focus on laws prohibiting discrimination based on gender, religion and race, employers may be surprised to learn that one of the most...

Franchises open doors to business

Dear Dan: This is the year I finally make the move to go into business for myself. But I’m not getting any younger,...

A great brand isn’t just memorable – it sells

Things go better with Coke. Fly the friendly skies of United. Have it your way. Not! What does “branding” mean to you? Growing up in the...

Is your company ready to ‘swirl and sip’?

My favorite episodes of “The Office,” NBC’s so-real-it’s-scary sitcom, always involve the party planning committee. This austere group is headed by Angela, who –...

The counter that counts most

Charles Walgreen, founder of the drugstore chain, was an ambitious young pharmacist on the South Side of Chicago in 1901. When a customer phoned...

Postal rates may soon go up again

Dear Dan: Our marketing plans call for stepping up our use of direct mail this year, and we also use the mail for a...
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