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'REMEMBER above all that angels are people, too ... don't be intimidated by them,' advises guest columnist Ty Freyvogel. /

To get help from an angel,<br> do your homework

It’s time. Your humdrum day job just isn’t cutting it anymore, and a disagreement with your boss was the final push for you to...
GOING UP: New postal  rates and rules take effect Monday, April 14. Above, USPS letter carrier Aldo Vasquez delivers mail in Irvine, Calif., using a fuel-cell powered minivan. /

Tips for making the best of new postal rates

The new U.S. Postal Service rates and rules set to take effect Monday, May 14, (READ MORE) have “serious implications for business,” said Murray...

Did you get the order? If not, this may be why

Everybody wants to close the sale. You want to close the sale. Your manager wants you to close the sale. Your manager’s boss wants...

Finding the perfect sales rep

Every time I speak to an audience of salespeople, as part of my preparation I ask management to rate their sales force on a...

Small businesses: Bid now on federal jobs

There’s never been a better time for small businesses looking to sell products and services to the federal government. A backlash over the federal...
'Cross-training will make you more efficient and flexible, and more marketable,' says Guertin. /

Why it pays to bridge the marketing-PR gap

You’re a seasoned communications executive, or perhaps you are just starting out. Can you tell me why two business functions as critical as marketing...

Find a shiny new career for the golden years

Are you a baby boomer who can’t decide whether to retire or keep working? There’s another option you may not have considered. Why not...

Getting no advice is better than bad advice

I can’t help it. I read some bad sales advice today and gotta say something. I’ll try to keep it positive, but my tongue...

Still time to claim phone-tax refund

A new tax credit, applicable only for 2006 filings, could be worth serious money to your company. But if you are like many other...

Quality is a way, not a thing

I recently had the opportunity to speak to members of the Food Processing Suppliers Association. In doing my preparation, one thing that kept coming...
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