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Creating promotional Web videos

The consumer marketplace has spoken: It likes videos, and it likes to view them online. And therein lies an opportunity for small-business owners of...

Don’t let PowerPoint ruin your presentation

We’ve all been there at one time or another. It’s Friday afternoon after a big lunch. As the lights dim and the laptop begins...

To keep your customers, fix mistakes ASAP

You cannot put a price tag on customer loyalty; it is priceless. Customers who return to you day after day, year after year will...

It’s not enough to have ‘satisfied’ customers

Customer satisfaction is dead. Oh, there are a bunch of huge companies that haven’t figured it out yet. And there are a bunch of...

Career makeovers can unmake you

Talk about Superman pulling a phone booth-style switcheroo. There’s a New Zealander named David Kirk, who is now CEO of Fairfax Holdings, one of...

Tips for developing your brand

Developing what’s called a “personal brand” is a great way to achieve an edge over the competition. Suppose, for example, that your business has...

Systems trump ‘vision’ in growing a business

Just as successful professional football teams apply system-based strategies to increase productivity, applying a disciplined approach to new business opportunities will pay off for...

Three ways to lower your business tax liability

Smart businesspeople know this is the time of year to explore long-range tax-reduction strategies that may take months to put in place. Here are three...

It’s not in what, but in whom you’re investing

When I say “investing” what one word comes to mind? Stocks? Day-trading? Hot tip? Jim Cramer? Booyah? Well, those are not the words I’m...

Bird flu may drop business back to earth

A little more than a year ago, we heard warnings from Gov. Donald L. Carcieri and U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Michael...
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