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One Last Thing


Keep stakeholders happy

Dealing with large organizations or bidding in a complex environment or with state agencies is often a challenge because there are many different parties...
Karl Wadensten is a lean zealot. He is passionate about continuous improvement and never accepting the status quo. His tools are collaboration and basic problem-solving. / PBN PHOTO/RUPERT WHITELEY

Keep your ego in check

Check your ego at the door. That's easier said than done. You have to accept that you, as a leader, do not have all...
For nearly three decades, interior designer Libby Slader has focused on improving the appearance and functionality of hospitality, retail and corporate work spaces. / PBN PHOTO/RUPERT WHITELEY

Take the time to do it right

Recently, while at the Newport Folk Festival, I was in a line for food. A man behind me was irritated at the length of...
Hire Image is a nationally accredited company specializing in background screening, drug testing and verification services for employers throughout the country, helping them hire the best candidates for a position. / PBN PHOTO/RUPERT WHITELEY

Be the go-to expert, or become one

As professional background screeners, much of our time is spent checking the often unsavory pasts of our clients' employees and applicants. We uncover resume...
Gloria Duchin Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of metal ornaments, jewelry and accessories founded in 1979 in East Providence. The company employs 150 Rhode Islanders during peak manufacturing season. / PBN PHOTO/RUPERT WHITELY

Evolve, and quickly, for success

In 2008, it became clear to me if we were to sustain our business during the shock and awe of the Great Recession, we...
Fifteen years old when she started her company in 2009, Ava Anderson is on a mission to educate consumers about harmful chemicals in personal care and home products. Here, she explains why continuous learning is key to growth and success. / PBN FILE PHOTO/RUPERT WHITELEY

Always keep learning

I have been fortunate to grow up with powerful personal and business mentors, including entrepreneurs I've been privileged to meet throughout my travels. One...
Martha Sheridan has been engaged in destination marketing and development in Rhode Island for more than two decades, a passion that stems from her lifelong love of her home state. / PBN PHOTO/STEPHANIE ALVAREZ EWENS

Clear contact supports execution

At the Providence Warwick Convention & Visitors Bureau, our purpose is to benefit Rhode Island's economy through leisure travel and by booking conventions and...
Robert Padula started in the insurance business 46 years ago with a college degree in hand and military service behind him, thinking that all he needed was hard work to get ahead. He joined Gencorp Insurance in 1969, becoming CEO in 1985. He has learned there is a lot more to it. / PBN PHOTO/STEPHANIE ALVAREZ EWENS

Trust, loyalty are foundational

My first sale was a policy for a childhood friend and his wife. The resulting commission was less than $10, of which the firm...
President and CEO of Home & Hospice Care of Rhode Island since 2008, Diana Franchitto took on the same role for Visiting Nurse Home Care subsequent to their 2012 affiliation. But her focus has always been on the organizations' clients. / PBN PHOTO/MICHAEL SALERNO

Inspire and engage

Every successful leader understands the need for certain skills: strategic thinking, innovative vision, the ability to execute well and to be a driver of...
The CEO of Narragansett Bay Insurance Co. has taken the coastal homeowners insurer from $172.8 million in revenue in 2012 to $240.3 million last year. The company's success is due to the processes and procedures its people follow, as he explains. / PBN PHOTO/RUPERT WHITELEY

Focus on what you do best

At Narragansett Bay Insurance Co., we have a simple, clear reason for being – to provide peace of mind to responsible homeowners living in...
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