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OSHA, Democrats and the killer-popcorn rule

There seems to be more than a kernel of truth in findings that a chemical in the buttery flavoring that coats microwave popcorn can...

Divesting adjusts R.I.’s risk sends message in Darfur

As the general treasurer of Rhode Island, I manage Rhode Island’s pension fund, which encompasses the pension systems of state employees, teachers and many...

Storage facilities provide irreplaceable energy source

In the early 1980s, storage capacity for petroleum-based products in Rhode Island was 350 million gallons. During the ’80s and right into the late...

The major issues deserve solutions, in R.I. and the U.S.

It is no secret that special interests dominate the state’s politics. It allows them to influence how, from whom and in what amounts tax...

This merger should deliver real health care reform

The Rhode Island Business Group on Health recently sponsored a “summit” conference on a variety of health-related topics expected to be of interest to...

Editorial Cartoon: Frankenstein’s manager

Crazy to Work Here, by Brad VeleyA man in business attire - a dark suit, white shirt and patterned tie - sits at a...

Editorial Cartoon: Don’t Tread on Me

Two flags wave side by side, one under a headline that says The Spirit of 1776, the other under a headline that says The...

Is your career profile online? Does it really matter?

As an executive, do you care about how your career information appears online? • Yes – 52.4 percent • No – 47.6...

Despite legislation, don’t expect college costs to drop

When Congress passed an overhaul of federal college aid recently, Democratic leaders crowed that the legislation was like the GI bill, which guaranteed free...

Having insurance doesn’t guarantee health coverage

Phew! This is the collective cry of the insured. The uninsured face physicians who refuse to see them, long waits at neighborhood clinics, dunning...
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