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Editorial Cartoon: ‘Crazy to Work Here’

A female executive sits behind her desk – her hands clasped and a grim look on her face – as the smiling man sitting...

Editorial Cartoon:<br> ‘March to Madness – Subprime Mortgage Edition’

Beneath the headline "March to Madness – Subprime Mortgage Edition" soars a tower of cards.Beside the tower is a chart, as for a single-elimination...

Meeting information technology needs

Do you have an IT staff? * Yes – 53.6 percent * No – 46.4 percentHow large is the department? * 1 to 5 employees...

Americans need more friends, confidants

According to a recent study, Americans have fewer people in whom to confide today than they have had in the past two decades. In...

Editorial Cartoon: Crazy to Work Here

Two scientists in white coats stand at a blackboard. One says: “Actually, that old axiom was based on faulty mathematics! I discovered that when...

Mixing business and personal banking

Do you use the same bank for personal and business accounts? * Yes – 60 percent * No – 40 percentIs there any synergy between...

Editorial Cartoon: ‘Eclipse’

Beneath the headline “Eclipse,” a basketball hangs in the sky, bracketed by the earth and the moon.On it is emblazoned: “MARCH MADNESS –...

Demographics comes of age as a key analytical tool

When last Oct. 16, the U.S. Census Bureau announced that this country’s population had reached the 300 million mark, there was considerable hoopla –...

R.I.’s vulnerable youth don’t stop needing help at 18

As a former foster youth, a Babson College MBA graduate and assistant director at the Rhode Island Foster Parents Association, I am deeply...

Taking care of personal business at work

A recent survey reports that employees spend an average of three hours a week on personal tasks.How much time do you think your employees...
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