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Patents key to creative economy

Increasingly, patents are considered a company’s most valuable asset. So, as we continue to move into a “creative economy,” Rhode Island needs to assess...

Recruiting and keeping happy employees

Workers with less than two years of service voluntarily leave at an average rate of 20 percent per year, a recent study found, while...

Editorial Cartoon:<BR> ‘March to Madness – Final Four-Ever Edition’

On the right, under the headline "East," are the labels "Forever Gallon of Gas" and "Forever Price of Tea in China."On the left,...

Editorial Cartoon: Crazy to Work Here

Telephone policy?A man in a suit sits at his laptop computer, a cup of coffee beside him, in an office full of cubicle workers....
DURING A VISIT earlier this month to Long Beach, Miss., President George W. Bush speaks with, from left, Patty Steagall, Shannon Orr and her son Matthew, and Judy Dill.  /

SBA has learned its lessons from Katrina

As a businessman appointed last summer to take over a much-criticized federal agency, coming to Washington has been an education. A central lesson after...

Consumer-driven health plans<br> really contain costs

In December 2005, LFI Inc. faced the unpleasant exercise of renewing our health insurance policy. With no significant changes, the new premiums on our...

Immigration laws aren’t perfect,<br> but compliance is key

The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 requires all U.S. employers to verify the employment authorization of every new employee, whether each is...

Editorial Cartoon: ‘Crazy to Work Here’

A female executive sits behind her desk – her hands clasped and a grim look on her face – as the smiling man sitting...

Editorial Cartoon:<br> ‘March to Madness – Subprime Mortgage Edition’

Beneath the headline "March to Madness – Subprime Mortgage Edition" soars a tower of cards.Beside the tower is a chart, as for a single-elimination...

Meeting information technology needs

Do you have an IT staff? * Yes – 53.6 percent * No – 46.4 percentHow large is the department? * 1 to 5 employees...
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Our panel of health care experts and business leaders will provide insights into the future of health care reform, improving health care delivery and reducing health care waste and costs, while also addressing preventative care, population health and the opioid epidemic.

2018 Fall Health Care Summit

Tuesday October 30, 2018

Crowne Plaza Grand Ballroom