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Low-cost and easy-to-use radon tests can save lives

Each year, nearly 20,000 people die across the country from lung cancer caused by exposure to radon. A common, but completely avoidable, way people...

Health care reform must center on the community

The health care crisis we face is real, and Rhode Islanders deserve an authentic solution. Employers are being priced out of the system and dropping...

Don’t explain – just learn from past mistakes

Wealth management is messy stuff. The problem is that most financial matters are not just objective numbers on a piece of paper; rather they...

Keep your workers fit and healthy

Dear Dan: After five years in business, we were finally able to offer health insurance last year for our 17 employees. Now we want...

Leasing states’ assets becoming common cash maker

The state of Illinois wants to get out of the lottery business. What a wonderful idea! Illinois should stop gambling. So should the other 41...

<i>To close R.I.’s deficit, look at both sides of the ledger</i>

It's budget time again. This year the Poverty Institute is strongly urging Rhode Island policymakers to give equal time and attention to the revenue...

<i>Use the business plan competition to hone your skills</i>

One of the most important documents that any entrepreneur can write is a business plan because, when done well, it conveys his or her...

Completing yearly checklist will promote success

When you started your own company, your focus was on doing anything and everything to get it off the ground. Now you're proud to...

Managing intellectual property

Dear Dan: We're a small design startup, and most of what we create is considered "intellectual property." We're always debating which ideas to protect...

Even a low-tech sector demands high-tech practices

‘The future will be littered … by adopters or non-adopters.’ In today’s global economy, where products designed in Rhode Island are manufactured in China, shipped...

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