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Editorial Cartoon: Shock treatment

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke - dressed as a surgeon and holding a pair of paddles that are labelled: “Rate” and “Cut” -...

Editorial Cartoon: Crazy to Work Here

People at a meeting, with a woman pointing to a flow chart that ends with “Win-Win.” A man at the meeting asks, “Which ‘win’...

City’s renaissance needs to move west, up the river

One of the great achievements of this generation of Rhode Islanders has been the rejuvenation of downtown Providence. During our combined 27 years as...

R.I. artists are engines for growth

A key component of the Providence renaissance has been the sweat equity that the region’s artistic community has put into settling and slowly rehabilitating...

Finances can be easy to manage

Next to “selling more,” the skill many business owners say they’d most like to improve is managing their business finances. From basics like banking...

In ‘green’ terms, the future is now

If 2007 was the year in which green became more than a color, then 2008 promises to be the year when green becomes the...

Talking points leave impact

One of my favorite “Peanuts” comic strips is about students who were asked to write about their feelings on returning to school in the...

Are you a salesperson, adviser or consultant?

When I say “trusted adviser,” what words come to mind? Relationship? Helpful advice? Strategic alliance? Consultant? Do you believe you are a trusted adviser? Do your customers perceive you...

Northern R.I. Chamber wary of state budget cuts

With two full-time lobbyists on staff, the Northern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce will be closely watching the State House this year, said President...

IRS site can help during tax time

Dear Dan: Every year I get more frantic about all the different tax forms, deadlines and filings I have to do for my business....
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