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Recovering your costs for a property cleanup

If you or your company are unfortunate enough to be named by the government environmental watchdogs as a potentially responsibly party or “PRP” in...

Sales are down. I’m down. They won’t decide.

I get a ton of e-mails that start out something like, “My sales are off,” or “The market is down,” or “I just can’t...

Advice: When the EPA comes knocking

Surprise inspections by either the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or state environmental agencies may not be as frequent as in past years. However, it...

New act creates bad insurance for small businesses

If Cadillac-quality health insurance coverage is too expensive for small businesses, is Chevy-quality coverage better than no coverage at all? In the complicated discussions...

Group buying an idea whose time has come

With the fiscal year 2008 budget safely passed, it is time to look ahead. A good place to start – because it should be relatively...

With help, capital can serve public good

Sometimes the marketplace needs a little help. One particularly successful federal program is helping local banks make a difference in some of the region’s...

Editorial Cartoon: Crazy to Work Here

By Brad Veley / www.bradveley.com A group of men and women in business suits sit around a conference table. Next to each...

Editorial Cartoon: iPhone Expenses

Headline: iPhone autopsyBy J. Spencer, Philadelphia Business JournalAn Apple iPhone is taken apart into three different parts hat apparently rest on a tabletop: the...

Creating buyer urgency will take sales skills

One of the questions I always get is, “How can I create a greater sense of urgency in the buyer?”You need to ask yourself:•...

Negligent hiring: Are you well protected?

It has been more than 20 years since the R.I. Supreme Court handed down the seminal case of Welsh Manufacturing vs. Pinkerton’s Inc., but...
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