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Cancer Council is too important to lose funding

Included in the many decisions that the R.I. General Assembly will face in the next month or so, as it finalizes the state budget...

9 morals to help build a successful brand

When you are creating a brand, you are creating a belief in the hearts and minds of your customers about yourself, your company, your...

There’s gold to be had if you look hard for it

If there is a common complaint among many independent insurance advisers, it is not having enough time to prospect. Yet, looking more closely, most...

Shorter runway helps extension plan

The R.I. Airport Corporation board of directors has taken a step in the right direction in trying to find an acceptable compromise for the...

Warning: A goal is not a dream with a plan

My mother never went to Europe. She talked about it, dreamed about it – even opened a travel agency at age 55. Never got there....
'Serving as an examiner lets me bring a vast amount of learning and experience back
into the classroom,' says Baldrige Award examiner Angela M. Wicks. /

Professor is motivated by devotion to quality

Angela M. Wicks, assistant professor of management at Bryant University, has been appointed to the 2007 board of examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige National...

Getting an ‘A’ in charm school

The wind and the sun were having a conversation one day, which turned into a friendly competition about who was better at making things...

Make sure you’re well covered

Dear Dan: As my business expands, I’m realizing how much exposure I have if something goes wrong. Employee injuries, theft, business interruption and a...

Editorial Cartoon: Crazy to Work Here

Welcome Aboard?By Brad Veley / www.bradveley.com"That? Well, it's a solid Lucite paperweight containing your immediate predecessor, compliments of the executive management team. It's just...

Value is the king of sales and queen of service

Value is perhaps the most illusive word in sales. Everyone will tell you how important it is. Very few can tell you what...
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