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Creating promotional Web videos

The consumer marketplace has spoken: It likes videos, and it likes to view them online. And therein lies an opportunity for small-business owners of...

Cyber-crime is rising and becoming more dangerous

You’ve heard it before. Computer viruses can erase your entire system; someone can use your computer to attack others, or a crook can...

Don’t let PowerPoint ruin your presentation

We’ve all been there at one time or another. It’s Friday afternoon after a big lunch. As the lights dim and the laptop begins...

Energy conservation and ‘green’ options

Which, if any, of these alternative energy sources have you considered for your company? * Solar panels – 6.9 percent * A wind turbine –...

A powerful incentive that is necessary

Utility customers who generate their own electricity – say, through solar panels or a wind turbine – get a credit from the utility for...

Editorial Cartoon: Crazy to Work Here

Applied learningA young girl and slightly older boy, both wearing backpacks, stroll down the sidewalk away from their elementary school. A smiling dog walks...

Hard work will deliver this fantasy

U.S. Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy had it right – the “sheer immensity” of the plan that The Procaccianti Group unveiled last week for Newport’s...

Editorial Cartoon: Circuit City layoffs

Circuit City lays off high-paid workers.In this cartoon, an illustration of a storefront, bearing the Circuit City logo, is emblazoned with signs saying:"EMPLOYEE CLEARANCE:...

R.I. bureaucracy so infuriating the state is turning off people

I am a parent of a third-year student at the New England Institute of Technology. I won’t begin to tell you the amount of...

To keep your customers, fix mistakes ASAP

You cannot put a price tag on customer loyalty; it is priceless. Customers who return to you day after day, year after year will...
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