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Editorial Cartoon: Crazy to Work Here

"Spineless Media, Inc., News Department: Gov't-produced propaganda presented as legit news; pro-big biz puff pieces; warm-fuzzy pablum and celebrities; everything else (watch those fingers!)."

The counter that counts most

Charles Walgreen, founder of the drugstore chain, was an ambitious young pharmacist on the South Side of Chicago in 1901. When a customer phoned...

Postal rates may soon go up again

Dear Dan: Our marketing plans call for stepping up our use of direct mail this year, and we also use the mail for a...

Tougher DEM fines make a lot of sense

If the R.I. Department of Environmental Management has its way this year, the penalties for serious environmental and hazardous-waste violations – and for failing...

Vision for school produces local hero

Twenty-three years ago, Dan Corley, along with his college roommate, Bob Hahn, founded Community Preparatory School in South Providence with a vision of what...

Viral marketing doesn’t have to be a PR disaster

There is an old adage that any publicity is good publicity. Recent events in Boston, however, have tested the limits of that notion. First there...

Behavioral health parity<br> helps patients, saves costs

There is considerable discussion these days about the factors that drive up health care costs. But there is one factor that contributes only modestly,...

‘Factoring’ receivables into working capital

Like nearly every business, yours needs working capital. The problem is, your cash receipts from customers tend to come in more slowly than your...

All for one and one for all – except in sales

Selling is an individual sport. Don't take my word for it; ask any seasoned salesperson. Oh sure, they're willing to ask experts and take...

Commercial building on course for strong year

With the first two months of 2007 nearly behind us, we have a good sense of what the coming year will bring. For the...
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