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ROOM TO RUN: Robert Wheeler, co-owner of Friends of Toto Inc. in Pawtucket, spent $400,000 to double his business space but must now attract more customers to cover the cost. 

It’s not if but when on recession, so get ready

Inflation and a looming recession have weighed heavily on local business owners and state leaders for months. And with good reason, as this week’s...

Rental registry needs teeth

The state’s attempt to manage the proliferation of vacation rental properties has gotten off to a rocky start. A state registry for short-term rentals created...
Robert B. Hackey

R.I. leaders need to invest in long-term care workforce

The General Assembly and Gov. Daniel J. McKee’s administration face key questions about the state’s budgetary priorities. What will Rhode Island do with its...

The pain of Uncle Sam’s higher interest payments

Consumers and businesses aren’t the only ones feeling the pain of higher borrowing costs because of Federal Reserve rate hikes. Uncle Sam is too. The...
NEW I­NCENTIVE: Rhode Island College interim President Jack Warner wants state lawmakers to approve a scholarship to cover two years of tuition for students who enroll directly out of high school. 

Give RIC scholarship to help lure students

A 33% decline in enrollment at Rhode Island College over the last decade should be sounding alarm bells on campus and at the Statehouse. The...

Blame shared on housing dysfunction

Throwing gobs of cash at a problem without a vetted plan and leadership to carry it out ensures both wasted time and money. That’s where...

What’s a ‘gig’? In this economy, it’s crucial to know

The “gig” economy has captured the attention of technology futurists, journalists, academics and policymakers. “Future of work” discussions tend toward two extremes: breathless excitement at...

Talking it out may ease political rifts

Simmering tension in American politics came to a head two years ago, when a mob stormed the U.S. Capitol to try to overthrow the...
HEATING UP? What will Gov. Daniel J. McKee and state lawmakers do about the rising costs for heat and electricity? The issue could kick off a host of contentious debates in the new legislative session. 

Will GA step in to help ease rising energy costs?

State lawmakers are back with another massive state revenue surplus, now projected at $610 million, likely at their disposal. But having lots of money...

City a leader on diversity, inclusion

The work awaiting Providence’s newly elected mayor and city councilors as the city emerges from a multiyear pandemic is daunting. But they and the city...
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