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TRY THIS: Kelley McShane, right, co-owner of The Granny Squibb Co. LLC, and Tony Melo, who approves brands sold at Eastside Marketplace in Providence. 

Businesses are more confident but economy still a wild card

With recession fears fading, business owners are again feeling more hopeful, at least about their own prospects. That’s one of the biggest takeaways from this...

Rhode to Work open in R.I.

Where there is need, there is opportunity. For job seekers, that’s especially true in a host of local industries spotlighted in PBN’s inaugural Rhode to...
Te Wu

Here’s where nonprofits outperform and why

My professional project-management career spans mission-driven nonprofits and for-profit organizations. For-profit companies have the funding to hire strong professionals to lead projects, and they...

Don’t overlook these job candidates: Entrepreneurs

If you’ve been thinking about starting your own business lately, you’re not alone. Americans began launching ventures in record numbers during the COVID-19 pandemic,...
STALLED? ­Providence Mayor Brett P. Smiley says he supports the city’s $10 million racial reparations program but is still reviewing plans for how the money should be spent in the ­community. 

Time to move forward with $10M reparations program

Ten months after city officials approved a spending plan for a $10 million racial reparations program championed by former Mayor Jorge O. Elorza, only...

Fishermen fighting the inevitable

Offshore wind is here and will multiply off Rhode Island’s coast, with or without the participation of local commercial fishing interests. That’s why it was...

Downgrade of U.S. credit rating shouldn’t be downplayed

The formerly pristine reputation of the U.S. government’s debt lost a little more luster after a prominent rating agency demoted Uncle Sam from its...

City, state invested in Tidewater

A $124 million Pawtucket soccer stadium project looks to be back on track for a 2025 opening, but there are still plenty of questions...

Banking ‘reforms’ have widened the wealth gap

Harsh banking sector regulations imposed a decade ago were touted as a means to both make the system safer and to “democratize capital” by...
FULL CIRCLE: Wheaton College President Michaele Whelan, far right, is the third woman to lead the college since its founding by a woman in 1839. Seated with her, clockwise from far left, are students Olivia Deschenes, Sarocha Wongwatanawisut, Courtney Kass and Eleanor Cerra. 

College leaders positioned to meet post-pandemic challenges

Since 2019, eight of the region’s 13 four-year colleges have hired new long-term leaders. And another four-year school, Rhode Island College, still has an...
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