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’60s rock Web site sues 2 record companies

Warner Music Group Corp. and Sony BMG Music Entertainment are being sued by a rock-music archive that accuses the record companies of conspiring to...

SEC fines Symantec’s Veritas $30M in accounting case

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has fined Symantec Corp.'s Veritas Software subsidiary $30 million for accounting fraud, ending a case that divided Republicans...

Verizon seeking $197M from Vonage in lawsuit

A Verizon Communications Inc. lawyer told a federal jury in Virginia last week that Vonage Holdings Corp. infringed five patents covering Internet telephone services...
'WE'RE RIGHT AT the beginning of an exciting new time in broadband wireless,' says Jeff Thompson, Towerstream's president and CEO.

Seizing the opportunities as WiMAX comes of age

Many communication pundits believe WiMAX – Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access – has the potential to change wireless communication as we know it. That's...
RATHER THAN CHASING trends, Larry Keeley advises maximizing the potential of existing ideas, as Sylvania is doing with LED lighting. /

Warning: Brainstorming may destroy innovation

Almost anyone who's worked to develop an innovation at a big company knows the drill. The senior executives give a stirring speech about how...
TATTOO'S TACKLE, a small fishing-lure maker in Portsmouth, is using video on its Web site to show customers how its lures are made and how they work. /

Web video streams a hot marketing tool

As Web video sharing sites such as YouTube.com continue to grow in popularity, businesses are taking notice of streaming video as a relatively inexpensive...

Stop & Shop EFT units tampered with in R.I.

QUINCY, Mass. – The Stop & Shop Supermarket Co. has discovered tampering with two personal identification number (PIN) pads at checkout lanes in stores...
'THEY DON'T call it maintenance fees; instead they call it a surcharge,' said Sen. Christopher B. Maselli, D-Johnston, who wants to close what he sees as a loophole. /

Legislation would forbid any gift-card ‘surcharge’

Rhode Island law bars merchants from charging maintenance fees or imposing expiration dates on gift certificates and gift cards. Now a legislator wants to...

DBR review of Beacon near-ready

The R.I. Department of Business Regulation said last week that it has sent a draft of its report on The Beacon Mutual Insurance Co....

Judge denies motion to block Caremark merger vote

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Caremark Rx Inc. (NYSE: CMX) today announced that the Delaware Court of Chancery has denied a plaintiffs’ motion to enjoin Caremark's...
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