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Editorial Cartoon: Global Destination

A man with a cane and top hat is dancing down the street singing “… on the sunny side of the street! …” News...

Career concerns

Why do you work? • Financial security – 71.4% • Professional satisfaction – 19.0% • Personal fulfillment – 9.5% What is your highest...

State’s schools need finance education

The painful financial crisis that we are facing is due, at least in part, to the lack of oversight of a financial-services sector too...
WITH NEARLY EVERY Rhode Island high school football coaching staff owning Porta Phone headsets to help communicate during games, Paul, left, and John Hooper Jr. have built a winning franchise together with their father, Porta Phone inventor and former coach John Sr. /

Coach scores with headsets

There was one thing John Hooper Sr. had trouble with when he was a head football coach at a small New Jersey college decades...

Textron donates to kids museum for program

Providence Children’s Museum received a $7,500 grant from the Textron Charitable Trust, a private Foundation sponsored by Textron Inc., to support the museum’s Learning...
EDWARD COONEY, chairman of the GPCC board, says good economic development follows smart policies for revenue and spending. /

The state needs more taxpayers, not more taxes

(Editor’s Note: This is the seventh in a series of newsmaker interviews with business-community leaders focusing on the state budget and the economy.) Edward J....

Honest, respectful dialogue can help solve budget crisis

The state’s budget woes, coupled with a worsening economic environment, have combined to create challenges for Gov. Donald L. Carcieri and the General Assembly...

Web set to take over scheduling

DEAR DAN: My service business lives or dies by appointments. But scheduling is often a nightmare. Are Web-based scheduling solutions worth exploring? —...

R.I. maintaining its leadership in electronic records

A new analysis of the U.S. health care system by PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Health Research Institute suggests that the ineffective use of heath information technology costs...

R.I. agencies sidestepping upheaval in student loans

Rhode Island agencies involved in the student loan business have so far managed to dodge the upheaval that has disrupted student loan programs nationwide. For...

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COVID-19 cases reach 1,727 in R.I.; eight additional deaths | Superior Court approves new program for businesses to stay collections, evictions

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