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PBN Award Winners

Susan Genett /

Susan Genett

AGE: 35 POSITION: Owner, chief meterologist, Susan Genett’s Real Weather Ltd. RESIDENCE: Newport LIFELONG AMBITION: To grow the business into a small meterological team and stay in...
Richard Jaffe /

Richard Jaffe

AGE: 36 POSITION: Director of external relation, Trinity Repertory Company RESIDENCE: Little Compton LIFELONG AMBITION: To find the perfect balance between family work and family FAVORITE BOOK: “A...
Michelle C. Girasole /

Michelle C. Girasole

AGE:35 POSITION: President, New England Division, Precision Web Marketing LLC RESIDENCE: North Providence LIFELONG AMBITION: To have a child and run successful business FAVORITE BOOK: “The Sassy Ladies’...
Jen Hetzel Silbert /

Jen Hetzel Silbert

AGE:33 POSITION: President and co-founder of Innovation Partners International LIFELONG AMBITION: To take my work and family to Africa for several months to a year FAVORITE BOOK:...
Jeff LeBlanc /

Jeff LeBlanc

AGE: 37 POSITION: Senior vice president, director of retail operations, Citizens Financial Group RESIDENCE: Coventry LIFELONG AMBITION: To hike the Appalachian Trail north and the East Coast...
Michael R. Lomabardi /

Michael R. Lombardi

AGE: 28 POSITION: Founder/director of Ocean Opportunity, a Providence-based nonprofit; freelance ocean science, technology and exploration consultant. RESIDENCE: Providence. LIFELONG AMBITION: To stay on the front lines...
Raphael O. Okelola /

Raphael O. Okelola

AGE: 34 POSITION: President and managing partner, Roplab IT Solutions LLC RESIDENCE: Providence LIFELONG AMBITION: To extend business to Africa and Asia FAVORITE BOOK: “To Seek a Newer...
Michael P. Manning /

Michael P. Manning

AGE: 32 POSITION: R.I. Army National Guard state partnership coordinator LIFELONG AMBITION: To make his wife, Meg, and children proud FAVORITE BOOK: “For Whom the Bell Tolls,”...
Anthony R. Petito /

Anthony R. Petito

AGE: 39 POSITION: Senior partner and presidentt, MSL-Facial and Oral Surgery LIFELONG AMBITION: To stop and smell the roses every once in a while FAVORITE BOOK: “The...
Kristen W. Sherman /

Kristen W. Sherman

AGE: 38 POSITION:Partner, Adler Pollock & Sheehan P.C. RESIDENCE: Wrentham LIFELONG AMBITION: To run a marathon FAVORITE BOOK: 'Anna Karenina,' by Leo Tolstoy GUILTY PLEASURE: McDonald's Happy Meals The list...
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