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Family and the office

Is your company pet-friendly? Yes: 33% No: 33% Only under special circumstances: 33% Does your company allow children in the office? Yes: 50% No: 17% Only under special circumstances: 33% Does your...

Taking a tour?

When on vacation, do you often visit attractions within Rhode Island? Not often: 80% Somewhat often: 20% Very often: 0% What attractions do you visit in Rhode Island?...

Love ‘Slack’?

In addition to email, does your company utilize Slack or other digital messaging systems with employees? Yes: 67% No: 33% Has digital communication at your company increased...

Being social?

Do you encourage your employees to promote your company on their social media channels? Yes: 67% No: 33% What do you often use social media for? Employee recruiting:...

Beyond the borders?

Have you recently hired employees who previously resided outside of Rhode Island or southeastern Massachusetts? No: 80% Yes: 20% What percentage of your company’s employees once resided...

Summertime blues

Do your business operations slow down during the summer months? Yes: 60% No: 40% Do most of your employees take their vacations during the summer? Yes: 100% No: 0% Does...

The next chapter

Are you or any of your employees slated to retire within the next five years? Yes: 83% No: 17% Unsure: 0% How many employees are enrolled in a...

Today’s special

Do you conduct face-to-face business with clients over lunch? Yes: 100% No: 0% How often do you hold business luncheons? Once per week: 57% When time allows: 43% Once per...

Low on energy?

Have you or any employees recently felt burned out on the job? Yes: 50% No: 50% Unsure: 0% What do you feel may have contributed to employee burnout?...

Back to class?

Do you feel Rhode Island’s public education system needs to be overhauled? Yes: 86% Unsure: 14% No: 0% Are you concerned the current state of public education could...
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