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One Last Thing

Cody Fino was named 
Community College of Rhode Island’s executive director of workforce partnerships 
in November 2022.  / PBN PHOTO/MICHAEL SALERNO

Recruit through training

Cody Fino | Community College of Rhode Island ­executive director of workforce ­partnerships With low unemployment rates, employers need to develop innovative strategies to find...
Padraic Keane is the founder and chief of operations at Keane’s Wood Fired Catering, a full-service catering operation that opened in Cranston before moving to Warwick last year. / PBN PHOTO/MICHAEL SALERNO

Relationships build sales

Padraic Keane | Keane’s Wood Fired Catering founder and chief of operations As an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry, it’s easy to spend an enormous...
Rosa Ortiz Godbolt founded the nonprofit West End Community Revival Association in Warwick in 2022. / PBN PHOTO/MICHAEL SALERNO

Volunteers ‘make it happen’

Rosa Ortiz Godbolt | West End Community Revival Association founder The West End Community Revival Association was formed to bring unity back to our community...
Norlan Olivo became general manager of 
The Salon, a Providence nightspot, in 2022. He’s also an artist and musician and board member 
of the city’s Downtown Improvement District. / PBN PHOTO/MICHAEL SALERNO

Remember to give back

Norlan Olivo | The Salon general manager For me, a big part of becoming general manager of The Salon was being able to contribute to...

Focus on what you can control

When starting a business, many aspects of your success and growth will be out of your control. It is important to recognize and work...

A call to courage

Michelle Carr | Leadership Rhode Island executive director A courageous, authentic and human-centered approach to leadership is needed as we bear witness to the emergence...
Arnell Milhouse is an entrepreneur in residence 
at Brown University and 
co-founder of Providence-based DevAccelerator: RI, 
a startup incubator. / PBN PHOTO/MICHAEL SALERNO

Lead with AI

Arnell Milhouse | DevAccelerator: RI co-founder The Age of AI has arrived, and Rhode Island-based businesses face an urgent imperative to leverage this technology. The...
Mariana Silva-Buck founded Warren-based juice manufacturer Fern & Co. Industries LLC, 
doing business as Little 
Maven Lemonade, in 2020. / PBN PHOTO/RUPERT WHITELEY

Never stop learning

Mariana Silva-Buck | Little Maven Lemonade founder BecomIng an entrepreneur is akin to being a wide-eyed 10-year-old at an amusement park, and trust me, the...
Melissa Bowley founded Flourish 
Care in 2020. The Newport-based company provides access to pregnancy, birth 
and postpartum wellness services.  / PBN PHOTO/MICHAEL SALERNO

Expect the unexpected

Melissa Bowley | Flourish Care founder With myriad challenges to fundraising, especially for women, here are some important concepts to keep in mind when deciding...

Tom Canterino founded Providence-based digital marketing agency LevelUP Digital Solutions in 2020. / PBN PHOTO/MICHAEL SALERNO

Trust your gut

Tom Canterino | LevelUP Digital Solutions LLC founder and chief strategist Even though small businesses are the backbone of our economy, contributing to 30% more...
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