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Lists: Public Companies in Rhode Island

Number of Massachusetts-based sources: 10 Number of Rhode Island-based sources: 9 SUBSCRIBERS: Click here to view the complete list. For information about participating in PBN’s Top Lists, or to...
LUNCH BREAK: Wright’s Dairy Farm considers its 200 cows employees of the company. Some of the cows enjoy some feed in a barn on the 400-acre farm, which has been operating for more than a century. 

Meet the Makers: Land of milk and ice cream

(Editor’s note: This is the 18th installment in a monthly series highlighting some of the region’s unsung manufacturers that make products essential to the...
Cody Fino was named 
Community College of Rhode Island’s executive director of workforce partnerships 
in November 2022.  / PBN PHOTO/MICHAEL SALERNO

Recruit through training

Cody Fino | Community College of Rhode Island ­executive director of workforce ­partnerships With low unemployment rates, employers need to develop innovative strategies to find...
OFFICE ADVOCATE: R.I. Public Defender Collin Geiselman says he’s asking legislators to add $600,000 more in the R.I. Office of the Public Defender’s fiscal 2025 budget to raise the wages of staff attorneys as a recruitment and retention tool.

Understaffed public defenders struggling to cover cases

R.I. Public Defender ­Collin Geiselman is accustomed to attorneys on his staff leaving to take higher-paying positions at private law firms, but now he’s...
THE PRESCRIPTION? Kerry LaPlante, dean of the University of Rhode Island’s College of Pharmacy, says pharmacists are underutilized in the health care system and should be allowed to play a bigger part. 

R.I. pharmacists looking for a bigger role in care

Pharmacist Ginger Lemay noticed something was off when one of her regular customers approached the counter several weeks ago at the chain pharmacy where...
MORE MONITORS? The city of Providence already has traffic cameras such as these at Chalkstone Avenue and Raymond Street keeping an eye out for motorists running red lights. Other cameras capture images of speeders. Now the Smiley administration wants the ability to enforce traffic noise automatically. 

A sound idea? Providence considers noise cameras along roads

If given the green light, Rhode Island’s most populous – and maybe the loudest – municipality will be the first in the state to...
Marc A. Streisand

Dress for success: How to thaw out in style during midwinter...

New Englanders know winter – the bone-chilling winds, the snow-covered landscapes, the layers upon layers of clothing just to step outside. But what happens...

Rising rents add to R.I.’s housing crisis

Think Rhode Island’s housing crisis is overstated? When you have the lowest housing production rates and largest year-over-year rental prices in the nation, that’s a...

Five Questions With: Lisa Carnevale

Lisa Carnevale | Vice president of innovation initiatives, R.I. Commerce Corp. 1. What are your priorities for Rhode Island’s federally designated Ocean Tech Hub?...
FARMER FIRST: Sowams Cider Works Co. owner Spencer Morris says he must have control over how the apples he plants are grown and harvested to successfully produce his craft ciders.

Morris keeps family apple farming tradition alive with cidermaking

Though most customers know Sowams Cider Works Co. through its Warren tasting room, or by the bottle at several Rhode Island liquor stores, the...
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