CEO of Local RI Contractor Takes New Role as Mechanical Contractors Association’s National President

MCAA President Robert M. Bolton receives the presidential gavel from MCAA Past President Kilijian

Pawtucket, RI — Arden Building Companies is excited to announce the new role their CEO, Robert M. Bolton has taken as President of the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA).

Mr. Bolton’s goals as National President are to broaden educational resources for small contractors, emphasize diversity opportunities representative of the communities we serve, and create a collaborative industry for all member contractors.

MCAA’s educational seminars and training programs have played a significant role in developing Arden Building Companies. By expanding on these and building the network, he strives for others to share in the success.

Above all, he plans to build on the strong partnership with the United Association of the Plumbing, Pipefitting, and Sprinkler Fitting trades, which has successfully trained and prepared the workforce to meet the demanding needs of our industry while remaining innovative and competitive.

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“Employees want to work for financially strong and moral companies,” said Mr. Bolton. Creating networks of contractors and manufacturing partners is a goal of the MCAA. By providing opportunities to be a part of peer networks and connecting members within the industry, Mr. Bolton’s goal is to keep our industry relevant, innovative, and forward-thinking.

MCAA President Robert M. Bolton stands between his two sons, also a part of Arden Building Companies, (left) Doug Bolton and (right) Connor Bolton

To create change, you must be a leader, and Mr. Bolton suggested that members reach out to their local MCAA chapter to get involved locally and nationally. This is important for the growth of the Mechanical Contractors Association of America.

Robert M. Bolton – Robert has spent his entire career in the Mechanical Construction Industry. His grandfather and father were United Association members and instilled in him a love for the work and the utmost pride in being a leader in the Mechanical Construction industry.

Arden Building Companies is a $170 million mechanical construction, engineering, HVAC service, plumbing, fire protection and electrical firm. The company provides a full range of design, construction and maintenance services for complex building systems, serving numerous blue- chip clients in pharmaceutical, healthcare, higher education, commercial and heavy industrial markets throughout RI, CT and MA.

Arden Building Companies’ members include Arden Engineering Constructors, Corporate Mechanical of New England, and Earthwise Energy Technologies, M.J. Daly, and Unique Metal Works.

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