Company flourishes when all hands sell the work

Hope Global is one of the fastest-growing manufacturers in Rhode Island because of a team approach to marketing its textile and wire products. The Cumberland company makes goods ranging from boot laces and parachute cords to the wire mesh that reinforces motor vehicle doors, trunks and seats.
The teamwork attitude extends from CEO Cheryl Merchant and the board of directors to the manufacturing plant personnel, said Chris Deignan, vice president of marketing.
“Our CEO has an open-door policy when it comes to her staff,” she said, “and we have a board of directors that supports us 100 percent. We have a strong strategy of aggressive growth, and we hold yearly meetings exploring ways of meeting that growth and looking for strategic and key partners. If we offer the board a certain marketing plan, they don’t hesitate to approve it as long as we give them the information they need. We’re very lucky in that regard.”
She said the company, which opened in Pawtucket in 1883, believes every employee has a role in customer service and sales.
As an example, she said, the company’s cost engineers know the customer is king. If the customer needs a specifically affordable price quote, these engineers will work hard to make it happen. The company’s prime objective is helping customers develop their products from start to finish and to meet their custom-made specifications.
Even workers on the production line at company plants are accessible when customers come through to shake hands and answer questions. •

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