Concordia Fibers Commingled Hybrid Fiber

THE STORY: Coventry-based Concordia Fibers celebrates its centennial in 2020, but the products it makes today are a far cry from the silk yarn it made when it opened.

› Commingled hybrid fibers consist of carbon or glass fiber that is combined with thermoplastic fibers. The material can then be made into a fabric or stitched into a shape or molded into products that include infant car seats, hockey sticks, cellphone casings or brackets for aircraft

› The use of thermoplastic components lowers cycle times (thus lowering costs) and improves strength on impact; they are recyclable and through various processes can be made into intricate shapes; it can be made within a day

› The fibers – which can cost from $13 to $80 per pound – are still developing new markets

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› Concordia has 47 employees in Coventry working three shifts, plus 12 employees overseas