Based on the same Nobel Prize research tenets which revolutionized cancer chemotherapy, a RI couple has designed an innovative system to help prevent and heal concussions. Katharine and Bill White, founders of the RI based business Brain In Play, call their innovation Brain Performance Enhancement or BPE. Optimizing the functioning, preservation and growth of brain cells, BPE will be unveiled to the sports head injury medical and scientific communities at Mayo Clinic’s International Concussion Summit October 8, 2013.


BPE’s 3-part system is all natural and comprised of evidence-based best brain health practices, an activation science and cognitive restructuring.  Dr. Alan Ashare, who has chaired and keynoted multiple national and international sports concussion symposia, and is the originator of USA Hockey’s ‘Head’s Up, Don’t Duck’ program, is a chief Brain In Play advisor. 

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While concussion’s media frenzy has mostly focused on pro-football, the CDC recently issued a ‘Call to Action’ regarding youth sports concussions – warning of an emerging public health crisis and surging brain injury disability rates in young adult and military populations. Recent research on brain MRIs of high school and college age athletes, and military personnel legitimize these concerns. 


Bill & Katharine White are Co-Founders of Brain In Play, whose mission is to prevent and relieve concussion suffering, and improve, prolong and save lives. Past hospital executive officers, medical school instructors and behavioral/brain-health clinical thought-leaders, their ‘Brain Performance Enhancement’ system is based on Nobel Prize research tenets and subsequent evidence-based research on brain health.