Connecting with staff, peers helps find success

Ryan Clark | The Town Dock CEO and president

My career at The Town Dock started when I was 14, ­unloading boats and packing fish on the docks during school vacations. I was hooked.

Having the experience of working from the ground up has given me a great foundation of seafood and business knowledge, and an ability to relate to our team at all levels of the organization.

Some of the key points that I’ve picked up:

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• Communication: Sure, you need to get things [such as] your company strategy and execution right, but don’t neglect internal communication with your team. As we’ve gotten larger, we are very intentional about our communication efforts through daily huddles, weekly and monthly team meetings, and quarterly town halls.

• Core values: Active core values can be a powerful conduit for great things in your organization. Our team understands our core values and their impact on our customers, key vendors and our internal team. We recognize team members for behaviors that exemplify our values, and make sure our team “walks the talk.”

• Ask for help when you need it: Developing a network of peers in other businesses can really help. Chances are that one of your peers has experienced something like what you are going through and can help. We are lucky to have a great community of business leaders here in Rhode Island in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. Being part of that group means both asking for help, and giving back to others when they are in need.