Core Composites Joint Warfighter Shelter of the Future

THE STORY: For more than 30 years, Core Composites has worked with advanced composite materials across many industries, including aerospace, automotive, defense and medical. Much of its latest R&D is examining using composites for building structures.

› The shelter is designed to help U.S. Army medical units move quickly from place to place while offering a lighter, more stable shelter

› Basic unit is 20 feet long, but it can be expanded by up to 42%. Floor is three times stiffer than existing shelters, allowing for a 25% increase in payload.

› Setup and breakdown can be done by two people thanks to a hydraulic roof/wall system

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› Shelter is made of carbon fiber and rigid foam core panels, much of it supplied by outside contractors and it is constructed in Bristol

› First unit made was in April 2019

› Core Composites has five full-time employees and one part time, but it takes roughly 50 people to build the unit, thanks to many sub-contractors