Curbside food-waste collection

In the final year of his studies at the University of Rhode Island, Brendan Loflin wanted to do something meaningful but wasn’t sure how.

“Other than getting [my diploma], I haven’t done anything worth being known for,” he said.

Loflin noticed URI, being a large college campus, naturally generated a lot of waste. He thought the food waste – organic, compostable material – could have been handled better.

Together with two URI friends, now his business partners, Loflin co-owns Rhodeside Revival – a curbside food-waste collection company – established in April in South Kingstown, with services launched June 1.

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Rhodeside, he said, provides a bin for food-waste collection. Pickups can be scheduled weekly or biweekly.

“The hope,” said Loflin, is for customers to notice how much food waste they generate and become curious about how local restaurants, schools and businesses address their food waste.

Loflin said the company’s biggest hurdle is moving people from interested to paying customers. “Everyone is excited about it, but to get people to actually do it,” he said, is a ­challenge.

Emily Gowdey-Backus is a staff writer for PBN. You can follow her on Twitter @FlashGowdey or contact her via email,