CurrentCare for Me Designee Alerts Transform the Way Rhode Islanders Care for Patients

Innovative service allows patients to give individuals access to their CurrentCare for Me health record and receive alerts when the patient is admitted, discharged or transferred in a hospital, emergency department or skilled nursing facility.

PROVIDENCE, RI — Rhode Island Quality Institute (RIQI) launches CurrentCare for Me Designee Alerts to give patients the ability to assign designees to receive email and/or text notifications when the patient is admitted, discharged or transferred at participating hospitals, emergency departments and skilled nursing facilities. Alerts are also sent when a patient has an ambulance encounter.

CurrentCare is Rhode Island’s statewide health information exchange that collects patient health data from multiple sources and makes it available to patients and providers in one place. CurrentCare for Me gives enrollees the ability to access their medical information, including medications, lab and imaging results, online 24/7 from anywhere. A CurrentCare for Me user can assign a designee ‘full access’ or ‘alerts only access’. Full-access allows the designee to view your CurrentCare for Me record, make modifications to your account and receive Designee Alerts; whereas alerts-only access allows designees to only receive Designee Alerts.

“This service is the best thing in the world because it’s how I found out my dad was in the hospital,” said Delphine Ferreira, a CurrentCare for Me Designee. Delphine, who received an Alert about his father’s admission in the middle of the night, was able to take action after seeing the text message notification. “I like how I was informed every step of the way – from his room changing to him going to imaging, I was informed.”

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“The more data I have, the better I can care for my husband,” said Barbara Brierley, a CurrentCare for Me Designee. “I liked receiving an alert when my husband moved to a different room in the hospital because I was not there at the time.”

Aside from admissions and discharge notifications, designees also receive alerts each time the patient is moved to a different room, brought to imaging or to a different hospital department.

“My mother assigned me as her designee when we were together at her doctor’s office,” said Jessica Reavill, a CurrentCare for Me Designee. “I feel good knowing I will be notified if my mother has a medical event and is unable to speak for herself. My mother has had a few struggles lately, so I think it’s a fantastic service.”

“Today more than half of the population of Rhode Island is enrolled in CurrentCare and thousands of these individuals have signed up to access their own health records and assist family members with care coordination. We are grateful for the opportunity to offer these valuable services to the community.” said Darlene Morris, Senior Director of Development & Grants at RIQI.

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