Dave’s Marketplace strives to counter an unhealthy abundance of temptations

Healthiest Employees: 150-499 Employees | #2. Dave’s Marketplace
CEO (or equivalent): David Cesario, owner
Number of employees: 475

East Greenwich-based grocery chain Dave’s Marketplace is a company in a unique position in terms of employee wellness. It’s self-insured – it pays health care claims itself – so information on wellness of its 475 employees is detailed and easily accessible.

Incentives for primary care checkups and biometric screenings not only have showed some Dave’s employees to be pre-diabetic or in early stages of hypertension – and thus given valuable opportunities to make changes – but company incentives to schedule such medical visits resulted in deductible reductions of up to 50 percent.

Dave’s has seen great results in the area of employee weight loss, it reports, using UnitedHealthcare’s Real Appeal online. The program offers healthful recipes, a food scale, portion information and diet strategies.

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To round out all areas of wellness, Dave’s also offers safety training, financial guidance, legal aid and help with mental health.

A healthy thought:
‘The weight-loss programs … have had … a more significant impact … than they would in other industries.’
Kevin Lovett,, Senior vice president, employee benefits, Dave’s Marketplace